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It was a beautiful afternoon filled with sunshine and we’d finally arranged a date that fit schedules for this sweet family’s session!  Karen has been a long time friend of mine, we met very early in my photography career and have kept in touch since. Each time I get to meet and capture some memories of her family for her and Paul it always makes me smile.

We’d planned the perfect mini-session. Meeting at Chateau Elan- pull together a session and then spend the afternoon in the Spa. A girls dream- right?

Everyone was on board- we were in this together.. well everyone but the two year old. Yep. He’d found a patch of dirt in the parking lot and decided that’s where he was going to spend his weekend away from home. He wasn’t interested in any other rock, stick or amount of dirt we could find for his bulldozer- nope. In typical 2 fashion it was a full force meltdown.

In the midst of the typhoon of tears and impending madness I assured Karen it was still going to work. I pulled out every trick in the book … distractions. Engaging with everyone but him. Walks. Clouds. Ya’ll we worked hard for these moments. Yet- in the midst of this storm there was a calm. My forte’ seemed to work and we captured some beautiful moments “in the eye” of what (at times) felt like a sure disaster!

It’s real life. Snotty noses and tears falling. Challenging- yes BUT I only share this to ensure you (and other mothers out there reading this) that if your little guy/gal melts down to not fret. It’s not going to bring complete ruin to your family’s portraits and if we work together there’s a high chance we can recover!

“You pulled a miracle. From my perspective it felt like a disaster, but looking at what you captured. It’s helped me erase my original memory of the experience and I’m less scared to do family pictures next year. You’re the best. Better than the best. xoxo. 

I wanna guess when these boys are in their teens- she’ll wish she could come back and deal with the meltdowns and bliss of being Two. ;) atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0004atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0005atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0006atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0007atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0009atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0012atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0014atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0016atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0019atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0020atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0021atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0022atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0023atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0024atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0025atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0026atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0029

Look at that proper running form. An early star athlete for sure!atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0031atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0032atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0033atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0035atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0036atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0037atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0038atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0039atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0040atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0041atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0044atlanta_lifestyle_family_portrait_artist_0045

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