deserve to be captured and preserved. . . Your authentic, joy-filled moments

Meet Tessa

My goal is for you to see the essence of yourself, your spouse, fiancee or family member in the imagery I create. For you to experience the beauty in embracing your confidence or seeing the sweet love you share in tangible form.

I take a unique approach to being a photographer... I guide and direct just enough to set any anxious feelings and nerves aside... and make your experience in front of my camera one you actually enjoy!

I believe it's more than just a session but an experience. An experience to spend time together intentionally, permission to be yourselves, time to decompress from life, to be still and really breathe in a moment or two with the ones you love and cherish most.

My Grandparents
A life well-lived...
My Favorite Photograph I've ever taken. 

It's one of My grandparents.  

Clothes covered in dust and dirt from another long day of work on the ranch.  
Hand in hand - walking into the sunset.  
A path to their home they shared for 40+ years together. 
A sunset they never took for granted. 
A life well LIVED.

It’s the picture he mentions each time we talk and I have to remind him that I’m just not ready to discuss tombstones as the thought of not being able to call… always puts a perspective on the fragility of life. 

But for him- this photograph now reminds him of all the years they shared on that ranch before her care became too much for him to bear alone and she would have to live in a home and he would be alone- for the first time since they exchanged those vows and commited to this life together. 

For me, this picture brings all my childhood memories flooding back, their laughter, our afternoons spent working on the ranch, mowing their yard, Summer dinners in the garden (with his dirty pocket knife, wiped twice on those same jeans he wore last week and the salt shaker) or soaking in the knowledge and love they showered over me... That will forever remind me of my biggest cheerleaders and pillars of support. 

This single photograph is one that hits my core, memories I'm better for and never want to forget and that will always make me misty eyed.

I’m a photographer so that I can create and capture photographs that hold the same meaning for my clients. Photographs you'll love and hold onto forever.

Fun Facts

I spent half my life 30 miles from the post office, 121 miles from Walmart and 65 miles from the doctor and grocery store.

I’m the oldest of 14 kids. Aunt to 10 (so far), a Berry College alum and Biochemist on paper.

I’ve hiked into Machu Picchu, the mountains of Thailand and am always looking for my next adventure!

I signed up for a free weekend on MATCH, he winked at me.. And the rest is history.

I’ve realized being a photographer isn’t just about taking beautiful, awe defining images but more importantly about impacting and preserving the life, memories and relationships of those around me.