A bed isn't required to feel sexy and neither is lingerie. “Boudoir” doesn’t have to be what you think it “is” or something you do for someone else. Personally, I DISLIKE the word because of the connotations that come with it. I think of these sessions as the “flirty side” of portraiture. Yes, You can take pictures for him but with my camera I'm going to show YOU just how incredibly gorgeous you are. 

Having done my own session a year ago I've personally experienced just HOW POWERFUL beautiful pictures of YOURSELF can be!
I promise to keep your images Tasteful. Beautiful. Genuine. and Real. I'll give all the DIRECTION and help you feel at EASE.

We'll laugh together and you'll walk away feeling EMPOWERED, Confident and Beautiful.

Your first step is to say hello! I'll send more information, galleries (due to their nature most of this work isn’t published online), details of what you can expect and we’ll talk about what to wear and the style of portraits you’re most drawn to.

Next we’ll schedule a date for your session. I’ll coordinate hair and the hair and make-up artist and we’ll call it a date!

On the day of your shoot you’ll only need to prepare yourself to be pampered, to enjoy a few mimosas and have fun! I’ll take it from there! It’s that easy!

7-10 days following your session you’ll come back to the studio for your Grand Reveal! Prepare to be amazed at JUST how many pictures you LOVE!

Sessions include professional hair and makeup and up to 3 looks and are $350. On average clients invest 750+ in their portraits and artwork for their homes. Invite some girlfriends and enjoy the experience together! (Girls Day Out Parties are available upon request.)

Will you allow me to create the most gorgeous portrait of yourself that you've ever seen?

It's an afternoon to relax and truly pamper yourself while we celebrate life togeher and I capture your Charisma and Strength.

After four long years of hard work I finally hit my pre-pregnancy weight and decided to step way out of my comfort zone today to celebrate that accomplishment.

Thank you Tessa for so beautifully capturing the journey of self acceptance that I have walked through. I have lost 134 pounds from my highest weight and grown and nursed two beautiful children.

My body is “flawed." I have cellulite and extra skin and bat wings and fat rolls and stretch marks. I haven’t felt fully rested in almost three years and my daily stress is apparent in the bags under my eyes and the wrinkles on my face.

I am not perfect and that is ok.

My bat wings and extra skin remind me of ten years of strength and determination in reaching my fitness goals. My stretch marks remind me of my body’s incredible ability to bring forth new life. The bags under my eyes are from bittersweet long nights while cuddling a precious baby. My cellulite is from girls’ nights and birthday parties and special dates and weddings and ice cream sundaes with my kids. It’s a badge of honor from my tribe of foodie friends that I am blessed to walk with through this life.

My wrinkles not only show that I am a worrier but that I love deeply and care wholeheartedly for others in my life. My value is not in a number on a scale or a letter (or two) on a clothing tag. This body represents a life well lived and a woman well loved.

This is me and I am proud.