Women’s Beauty Portraits

For the woman whose never felt comfortable in front of the camera. 
For the person who doesn't believe they're "photogenic". 
For the mom that gives to her family and forgets to take time for herself.
For the woman who deep down inside wants to see she's beautiful but doesn't believe she ever will.
For the wife who'd love to create something special for her husband. 

It is the portrait you’ll cherish for years to come, that has yet to be taken

“Over the years, with age, I had lost the confidence I had in my youth and would avoid the camera. I wasn’t excited about this experience but afterward, all I can say is WOW! Thank you for showing me it’s still there!

I’ll take my renewed confidence with me and work to not hide from the camera anymore.”


“When I say I want to photograph someone,
what it really means is that I’d like to know them.”

-Annie Leibovitz

I want to welcome you- with a glass of tea or maybe coffee and say hello! My guess is you’ve seen pictures of your friend and it’s landed you here… thinking to yourself,

I love working with everyday women- those who, like me, have avoided the camera their entire lives. The women whose families will have few tangible memories of their existence and importance in their lives.

You may be thinking, "These portraits are gorgeous but they could never be ME." 
I beg to differ.

These are all real women. Mothers. Grandmothers. Survivors. Champions. Warriors. Wives. Daughters. Sisters. Friends.

Women who’ve been frightened of the camera their entire lives.
Women who’ve never liked a picture of themselves. Women who can’t remember the last time they took an afternoon to be still and do something for THEMSELVES…

I’ll guide you from the first email or phone call to the reveal and portrait selection. Wardrobe selection, posing and everything in between.  

We’ll discuss what to wear, how you’d like to be photographed and what you can expect. It’s an experience. An afternoon to be pampered and celebrate being YOU.

It's not just a photography sitting but an experience. An experience you’ll talk about for weeks to come, relish just how wonderful you felt and one that you'll only wish you'd discovered years ago!

I’ll put you at ease in front of that camera. Give you all the encouragement and direction you could possibly need and by the time we’re finished you’ll walk away feeling more incredible than you ever believed possible. 

You'll discover- that yes you are not only "photogenic" but you'll have your own magazine worthy portraits to love and cherish for years to come.

The Portrait Experience Includes

Pre-Session Consult  & Wardrobe Consultation (in-home or in-studio)
Professional Hair/Makeup
Light Hors D'oeuvres
5-8 wardrobe selections
Plenty of Guided Direction and Feedback
Full Retouching of Final Portraits
Portrait Reveal & Ordering Session