and it's like when I hold these photographs fill the room

I can still hear their fits of laughter

Tessa captures my family in a way no one else can. 
Every year I'm amazed. I see every side of my children's personalities and the way we relate as a family.
Portraits by Tessa are Priceless.

-Kim Wright

"What feels like a day is a year from now,
and you look back and wonder how they grew up so fast."

"She captured each of my children's personalities so perfectly and has a way of using light that's truly magical!
Paired with her attention to detail, our portraits stand apart and captured that time in our lives so perfectly.
There's no question- she's talented- that's for sure!" 

-Brooke H.

"I never want to forget the moments when she still enjoyed snuggles with mama and fit in my arms so perfectly."

they grew up so fast. and wonder how is a year from now
and we look back
What feels like a day