by tessamarie

YOUR Power

Overwhelmed? Burned out?
Suffocated by inner turmoil? Tired of feeling stuck?

YOUR Coach

Guiding you towards the life your heart desires as you transform your life.

Coaching Women to Confidence for 10 years

I have a heart for others to be SEEN and KNOWN. To connect to their inner strength and beauty in ways never experienced before.

I See Possibility Hidden Inside of You

I believe and see possibility and potential in others and call you into becoming the leader, mother, wife and woman you long to be.

A Redemption Story of My Own

I've experienced first hand the power of doing life with a coach. The transformative power that's hidden in that inner voice and the confidence that's come from my journey of self-discovery.

Your Coach for Life

“Tessa has a way of holding a space free of judgement and filled with grace.
She’s courageous in speaking truth and shining light in a place that once darkness held.

In a single conversation I was moved to tears and left with hope and a new perspective.”​

It's All Virtual

From the comfort of your office or house.

Weekly virtual meetings with me, weekly accountability to making the progress you wish to see in you life.

This smile
is a testament to my own
Transformation Journey.

I’m here to shine a light on what’s kept you stuck and guide you towards the future you long for!

A Complimentary discovery call is waiting for you! 

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“I felt stuck in areas of business and life, so rather than continue to do things the way I always had, she allowed me to see new possibilities where I was stuck. I’m so thankful I decided to work with Tessa!”
"Tessa is a fantastic coach with empathy and patience.
She leads with courage and heart, asking questions that help you dig deep into your own behavior to reveal what you can do to improve your life and stay focused on your vision.
I highly recommend her!"
“I’ve been working with Tessa for over a year now and have seen my life change in meaningful ways. After years of feeling “stuck”, I now see a future unfolding full of joy and limitless possibilities.
I’ve been promoted three times this year at work and feel more fulfilled by what I do and better engaged with my team.”​