A Secret about Success

by tessamarie

Success is sweeter when it’s shared with others.

When you rise together. When you have a community to celebrate your wins and lift you up in your loss.

I’ve achieved a great number of accomplishments in my life and yet the pinnacle of that success always felt as if something was missing. It was never as sweet as I had anticipated or imagined it might be.

  • 1st to graduate from college
  • Winning Photojournalism awards
  • World-wide destination weddings and portraits
  • Being published
  • Respect and esteemed from peers & clients
  • Building a 6 figure business

Yet, something was missing. With every “mark of success” I’d reach, it felt empty, leaving me feeling like there had to be more to this life.

I’ve realized the missing piece was celebrating and sharing the wins with a community. Rising with others rather than rising alone. Seeing my success impact, influence and lift up those around me.

After watching from the sidelines for about 18 months, I decided to QUIT silencing the nudge that I’ve felt in my heart and JUMP IN with TWO feet! 

A former client is now my mentor, leader and inspiration… life has a way of placing people in our paths with greater purposes than we could ever imagine.

I’m so thankful to have reconnected with her and look forward to leading a team of women open to growing personally, to saying YES to something for THEM, Move beyond why it’s not possible and FIND a WAY to make it happen!

It’s more than just a paycheck, it’s a community of women who are inspired to grow together, to encourage one another, here you’re never alone.

  • Over the past 2 years simply changing the products I use has transformed what I see in the mirror!
  • 2 Years ago I embarked on my own healing/personal growth journey, in that I’ve worked to eliminate toxins and chemicals from my everyday routines and around my home. This company has revolutionized my beauty routine and now it’s about to do the same to my health and wellness routine.
  • After traveling the world, I desire to have true time freedom. To work from anywhere while empowering and building up women as I achieve my goals and dreams… I’ve found a way to make THIS possible!

I’m ready to lead others desiring more, feeling broken, uncertain, overwhelmed, burned out or alone to find their own peace, purpose and live their DREAMS.

Curious to learn more? Connect with me here!

This is a FUN ride you don’t wanna MISS!

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