Meet Tessa Marie

by tessamarie

A few of My
Favorite Things

Intentional Mornings

My phone in airplane mode, a latte, 20 minutes of reading, journaling and scripture. It's a non-negotiable to walk towards my dreams and desires.

Activity & Outdoors

I battle overwhelm and feeling the blues with ensuring I get outside. Laughter, sunshine and cardio can turn even the hardest days around!

Always Dreaming of Travel

There's the short list, and then there's the LONG list of dream locations and trips!
Travel is something I'll never grow tired of.

In Her Words...

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Tessa coach and support women on multiple occasions. Her insights are extraordinary. She sees what others so easily look past. Anyone would find value in Tessa’s coaching and I’m grateful for the energy and support she’s brought to my women’s organization.
Stephanie Diaz
Founder of Woe

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the gathering

The Gathering

Where conversations bring belonging, action and lasting change.

Doing life together, to celebrate our victories and find purpose in the pain and struggle.

Sharing my own journey in a transparent way. 

From burnout to thriving, I share my story to inspire others that they too can experience breakthrough.