What is Your Commitment?

by tessamarie

Raised on a farm, hard work is in my blood. It was bred into me, it’s all I knew… HARD physical WORK. I also learned the value of hard work and realized in recent years how I’d attached my personal value to my work, and thankfully saw what that was costing me (read more about that here).

In life, once I commit to something, FULLY, I am ALL IN. This has been a pattern in my life. In getting to and through college, in living abroad, in traveling the world, in building a thriving business, and in marrying my husband.

When I am FULLY committed my track record is strong. I achieve my goals, I make it happen and I’ve learned: 

There is ALWAYS a way!

The question is this: Are you Committed?


How do you speak of your efforts put forth towards your success…

Are you, “trying” or “hoping it works” or “working to figure it out”?

Did you know honesty can be found in our language? You may say you’re fully committed but then only give half the effort. It’s “I’ll try” rather than “I will”. 

You might be thinking… “Tessa, you don’t know my story, I don’t have a choice”, and I would counter, really, but what if you do?

There’s no magical answer, but I do know this. I’ve experienced it in my OWN life.

I’m either committed or I’m not

It’s just that simple.

When I’m honest about my commitment then I can address what’s needed to move forward

I can quit shaming myself (should of, would of, could have) for why I’m not enough and how it’s not possible for me and look for ways to make it become possible.

What’s Your Commitment?

“If you’re not in the arena getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback.”

-Brene Brown

Are you ready to be FULLY in? 

You get to choose.

You can play it safe and remain where you are- or you can take risks, show up without excuses, rise to the occasion, and jump in…What will you decide? 

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