Developing Self Awareness

by tessamarie

Several years ago, we were on vacation with some friends. Just before leaving the room for my morning by the pool, I’d gotten into a disagreement with my husband.

I was frustrated, replaying the conversation in my head as I prepared my towel and chair. Grumbling to myself and upset by his lack of understanding and “raining on my parade.”

I was in a poor mood and had a long list of complaints when my friend joined in the chair next to me. As I explained my frustration she paused, then asked, “What was your part in this disagreement?”

At that moment, I was caught off guard, I thought to myself, “Can’t she see it’s totally his fault and how out of hand he’s being. I’m just trying to enjoy a peaceful morning on vacation!?”

 Yet, as the silence persisted, the question weighed in my mind.

I often speak to this being the first step of my own journey in transforming my life. It was the moment that I saw what I couldn’t see before was brought into the light.

Nothing can be transformed until it’s brought into the light.

Noticing is a powerful tool as you begin to develop self-awareness, for it shines a light on what you couldn’t see before and provides clues to uncover what’s causing you to remain stuck in repetitive cycles of conflict, loneliness, resentment, and inner turmoil.

The first step in growing, healing, and creating a future that looks different than your past is to begin noticing. Notice what else might be at play, it’s important to do this without judgment, justifications, and shame. It’s just thing you’re beginning to see that you hadn’t seen before.

Practice this for a day or even for a week.

What might you learn about yourself and those around you?

If the things you’re beginning to notice, aren’t by accident, would you like to know why they’ve been unseen, until now?

Notice any patterns or similarities in the different areas or aspects of your life?
Maybe you’ve tried to engage in noticing and haven’t been able to make it work yet?

Well, know that in either case, you’re not alone! If you’re curious to investigate what might possibly be going on or to learn more about what you couldn’t see before, reach out! I’d love to do a discovery call with you!

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