Goal Setting vs. Vision Casting

by tessamarie

It might feel strange to speak of Goal Setting in July, as most think about setting goals in January, and yet, is there anything magical about setting goals at the beginning of the year?

I always loved that year-end, Goal Setting. Dreaming of what I wanted to improve upon or change in the year ahead, yet I often found myself struggling to make the goals I’d set happen! I’d fall into old habits, fight to figure out how to change or what to fix to make my goals happen.


That was until I discovered living by intention and the Work of Transformation.

Now, rather than Goal Setting, I create a Vision for what I desire to create and who I want to become.

I create a new vision each quarter, a commitment to cultivating what’s needed in my life in order to have what my heart desires.

Goal Setting vs. Vision Casting

Goal Setting is PAST-oriented. 

  • It’s changing or improving what I already have or know.
  • The common language found in Goal Setting is More/better/fix/improve/enough, etc.
  • Circumstances can hijack goals.

Vision Casting is FUTURE oriented.

  • Visions are future based looking to create new, unprecedented results. Believing anything is possible.
  • Visions transform our lives: rather than fix- it’s surrender to what IS and shifting to see what’s needed to continue forward progress.
  • Visions are clear and call me to take action, and their action steps are more akin to “goals”. 
  • Vision says: regardless of the cost or circumstance- I’ll find a way to thrive in my life.

Regardless of Circumstance: what am I willing to make happen?

Create a Vision, then establish Goal Setting as your action steps:

  1. Consider where you are currently in your life. 
    1. How did you get here?
    2. What’s currently working?
    3. What’s currently not working?
  2. Consider where you’d like to be in your life?
    1. If anything were possible, what would your life look like?
    2. What desires do you have that you may have given up on?
    3. What’s your heart’s desire for your relationships?
    4. For your kids and family?
    5. For your business?
  3. If you took account of how you spend your time (mental and physical), what do your actions say matters to you?
  4. What could your life look like if your greatest desires came to be?

Character Development Quality:
“I Am… _____.”

  1. How will you know you’re developing this character trait in your life? What will it look like? How will you and others experience it?
  2. What’s needed to bring this about in your life?
  3. What action steps you’re committed to for the next 12 weeks?
  4. What results do you want to produce in your life?

Goal Setting in Review: Go back and review.

  • Check yo’ language! Did you keep it future based, or did you slip into improving upon the past?
    No bad, just go again!
  • Are your action steps CLEAR and MEASURABLE?
  • Did you establish a specific beginning and end date?

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