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Hair Transformations

growth + hydration + healing + shine

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Skin Transformations

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Scalp Health is Imperative to Hair Health

non-toxic + vegan + anti-aging

The #1 Haircare brand in North America

Skincare, Haircare & Wellness

why it works

plant based + science + patented ingredients

key haircare ingredients

Rejuveniqe Oil: Heals, Hydrates & Restores

Capixyl: Protects & Strengthens natural growth

Pocataline: Reduces stress using powerful antioxidants

Crodasorb: Protects your hair color from fading


My Personal Results

key skincare ingredients

Rejuveniqe S: Heals, Hydrates & Restores your skin.

Exclusive Peptides: Soften & smooth while improving elasticity.

Natural Fruit Acids: Brightens & Renews your skin

Plant-Based Stem Cells: Repair & Regenerate your skin cells. 

Our Promise

plant based + science + patented ingredients

gluten-free \\ vegan \\ free of toxins & harsh chemicals

healthy hair promise

We Say NO to:


Cyclic Silicones



Plastic Microbeads

Harmful Fragrances

Animal Testing

Rooted in Gratitude \\ Family Owned \\ Dedicated to Sustainability Everything comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee