Are You Ready to Stand Together?

by tessamarie

My heart is heavy for the world today. I don’t have the words, I can’t take away the pain, and though I have my own story of origin and overcoming, I don’t know what it’s like to be faced or judged because of the color of my skin.

As these words poured into my ears, love washed over my heart.

In this moment, will you pause and listen?

Take a deep breath and step in…

As I listen to this, I think of my life’s journey. I think of my friends and family and their lives. When I pause to look for beauty rather than seeking out the hurt and pain, I’m able to see and experience some of the hardest valleys and darkest storms with a spirit of gratitude and love.

We are all beautifully unique and, in our own way,
a gift waiting to be opened and shared with the world.

I believe we are equally human, we carry our experiences, our pains, our struggles, and our beliefs, all a little differently than everyone else. The way we experience the world and our surroundings is equal to the unique beauty of our individual lives.

When I don’t know what to say, I’m committed to asking what’s needed.
When I don’t understand, I’m committed to asking questions.
When I’m operating from assumptions, I’m committed to investigating those beliefs and being open to seeing new possibilities.

Generational change doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s not cured in weeks of protest and millions in damaged property.

Actual Change and Equality require us to unite in demanding action and accountability in every arena from the police precincts to politics and inside the walls of our homes, rather than the change coming from the TOP it begins with Me. It begins with You. It begins with US.

For us to unite in conversations, to ask questions we’ve been scared to risk and ask before. This isn’t about raising a voice to look good to the world. This is to raise a voice when no one hears, to take action when others choose inaction.

Yes, equality and lives are at stake here. Yet, I believe there’s a lot more at stake here.

It’s time to SPEAK up.
It’s time to RISE up.
It’s time to DEMAND transparency in leadership and the news.

A mans life should never be used for political gain or furthering an agenda.

When things don’t add up, ask questions.
When you THINK you know what is TRUE, Ask questions.

Be willing to always question and challenge the story and the message. I urge you to not only seek equal rights but also TRUTH.

Are you ready to Stand Together?

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