Intentional Lifestyle

by tessamarie

How are you doing there friend? Like REALLY doing?

Social distancing has caused me to realize how much I took for granted before.

While for some, it’s also induced stress, overwhelm, and fear, like never before.

Did you know that when we experience stress or live in fear, we naturally tend to focus on preventing what we’re afraid of?

This causes more stress and anxiety while also creating tunnel vision and crushing our CREATIVITY.

Not just the creativity that comes in dreaming, making, and producing but that the creativity needed to see NEW Opportunities and Possibilities even in the face of chaos and the unknown. 

🚘 Like driving a car, wherever you focus your gaze the car follows🚗. Distracted driving isn’t just dangerous at the wheel of your car but it’s also equally as dangerous when you’re at the wheel of your LIFE!

Whatever day it is, a new week of possibility awaits!

This week, what if you re-directed your focus and energy from what you’re working to prevent and align that focus on what you INTEND to make happen! What action can you take that will lead you in a positive direction? Shifting your focus🧠 could be the first step👣 to shifting the directory of your life!

“I’m either focused 👀 on preventing something from happening or working to CREATE something new in my life.”

-Tessa Marie

What have you been focused on in your life?

What shift is needed for you to take the next step forward?

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