Embracing the Judgment of Others

by tessamarie

Are you afraid of the judgment of others? You desire to share your truth, speak your mind or even step into the spotlight but fear you’ll fail, not be liked or fall on your face?

The first time I saw this video- I cried. It still moves me inside, goosebumps, and each time I watch it, I feel ENERGIZED!

Is it the judgment of others or the way we judge ourselves?

You have a gift to share with the world you’re encouraged to “step out” and just GO, and yet you hide behind the fears, lies, and stories racing in your mind. These stories feel SO real – however, have you paused to question their validity?!

While holding Hugh’s hand- she could have easily stayed there- frozen by fear while battling the voice inside- YET, she knew she had more to offer and give.

The moment she stepped into the “ring” her confidence shifted. You hear it in her voice and you can see it in her body. Her confidence came bursting through, and it’s as if she OWNED the gift SHE is and was willing to share it with the room.

I can’t help but wonder- what if…

  • What if she hadn’t stepped out from behind the music stand and fear would have won?
  • What if she would have remained frozen in fear?
  • Can you imagine being in the ROOM and sharing in this experience? If it moved you watching it online- imagine the power of the experience being there!

I’ve learned to notice when I’m experiencing discomfort. To note how I’m feeling and what thoughts are playing out in my mind. Fear creeps in, and my brain retreats. It wants to keep me safe and avoid the discomfort. 

Living Beyond the Judgement of Others & Myself

I experience this discomfort when I go to share my authentic truth- on a stage, in front of a group of people and even online. Yet, more often than not, when I’m willing to take the RISK and choose my truth over fear, it creates a connection with those around me, and I’m better for it.

Often, the very thing I resist sharing creates the most connection and conversation. Taking risks feels extremely vulnerable, and yet this is what opens the space for authentic conversations to be had. It allows others to realize they aren’t alone and to be seen.

embracing the judgement of others

Have you had this experience and made a choice to speak up, step in, and overcome your own fear?

I’d love to hear your stories below!

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