Killing the Glorification of Busy

by tessamarie

To WORK to LIVE is counter-culture. It’s killing the glorification of BUSY in order to savor or simply enjoy life’s simpler moments.

To be present rather than distracted. PRESENT in the less than PERFECT moments. Intentional rather than awaiting the day it (your dream) falls into place.

When I made this choice in early 2019, I had no idea 2020 would bring a world-pandemic. Travel would be brought to an abrupt halt, or that we’d spend 4 months home-bound once we returned home from circling the globe.

I didn’t know the future; I didn’t need to.

I knew what was present in my heart.
I saw possibility and opportunity.

Beaches of Boracay

Working to Live

For dreams to be realized, I must be willing to do what few others will. To be fully committed to my personal calling and convictions. Doing whatever it takes to create the time and space for what matters MOST to me. As humans, we find time for what we value and complain that we don’t have enough time. Yet, is it true? (there isn’t enough time)

It wasn’t easy. It’s never going to be (easy)… yet I promise you, I ASSURE YOU when you’re in the moment of experiencing and making happen what matters MOST to you… it WILL be worth it.

on a beach in the Philippines

It will be WORTH every sacrifice, every tear, every frustration—the hard work, the all-nighters, and missing out on the latest series to Netflix binge.

What’s the dream you keep kicking to the curb?

My friend, are you more committed to “One day, someday we’ll ____” or making that SOMEDAY —> TODAY

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to experience that DREAM TODAY?

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