Learning to See Possibility

by tessamarie

Along my journey, I’ve worked to release the old, people-pleasing, workaholic, wear a brave face, smile through the pain, everything is ok, you’re stronger than this, minimizing my unhappiness and feeling like I had to be put on this cheerful face. Last Spring, a life-long dream was coming into reality, and I found myself finding ways to self-protect from the disappointment of “what if it doesn’t happen.” Rather than seeing how it could happen, or seeing possibility.

I’ve said for 10 years, I wanted to make a trip around the globe; actually, it may have been more than the past decade, yet I digress.

Being a business owner, I’d worked to live for years. If I had the time, I didn’t believe I had the money, and if I had the money, then I never seemed to have the time… it’s like having a boat in the drive yet never getting it on the water. Just because I have the time and money doesn’t mean I’ll finally do the thing I’ve said, “If only I had more ____” before I had it.

So the Spring of 2019, I found myself exceptionally busy in my business; after years of hard work, the hard work was starting to pay off. At the same time, my husband was between jobs, and his availability to travel and do the things we’d talked about doing for years was finally here… there was a choice to be made.

How many more times would I say,
“one day…”

So that Spring, I committed to building my growing business around my life. I would work to live rather than live to work. After all, isn’t this WHY I run my own business? 

I would schedule personal time, holidays, family trips, and the like FIRST and then plan work as I was available. It seemed impossible. I truly believed it might cost me clients, business, and income, yet what happened was just the opposite! 

I immersed myself in memories and experiences with family, including a cruise through the Greek Isles, two stadium concerts with Garth Brooks, a trip to Yellowstone, taking my grandpa to Scotland, and an unplanned 8 hours in NYC, a weekend in Napa with friends, our annual trip to Cabo and little weekends in between.

Looking back, I can see how saying YES that Spring brought about the courage and experiences I needed to press into what I couldn’t see ahead of me.

While we prepared to circumnavigate the globe, I was faced with another big decision. Would I keep my studio (renewing the lease), or would I move out for the time being… Regardless of what I feared, I closed the studio and moved out while finishing my Fall season without impacting clients or my bottom line!

A year ago, moving day at the studio.

As I reflect back on the year of 2020, I’m even more thankful that I said YES to the memories that flood my camera roll, the experiences, opportunities, trips, and memories I shared with those in my life I love the most. I had NO idea that so many of THOSE experiences weren’t even a possibility this year.

I didn’t know the future; I didn’t need to.

I knew what was present in my heart.
I saw possibility and opportunity.

Despite my fears and concerns, I chose to say YES to what my heart desired and experienced seeing how new possibilities allowed everything else fall into place.

What’s a dream or desire you’ve put off, waiting until the “right” timing or the “right” opportunity, hoping one day it comes.. how long will you keep waiting?

Are you ready to breakthrough what’s keeping you stuck in the “one day” and find new possibilities to take the first step towards your desire TODAY?

If so, let’s converse and find a way to make your “one day” TODAY.

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