Shifting Perspective

by tessamarie

I was raised in a very strict home with strong beliefs and opinions of life, the world, and those we share this world with. Beliefs and ideologies that had been passed from one generation to the next. There weren’t many opportunities to shift perspectives in my younger years.

I have been fortunate to travel the world and gain culturally diverse perspectives in the years since I left home and yet World Travel does not guarantee new perspectives or experiences for the traveler. It’s something the traveler gets to choose.

Just like choosing experiences, accommodations, or food in foreign lands, in life I was given the opportunity to shift to a growth mindset.

When I discovered the beliefs, ideologies, and filters I was raised with were still influencing the way I experienced and engaged with the world around me… I began to shift my perspective.

That Shift in Perspective was the beginning of everything changing!

A Fixed Mindset: seeks to prove myself right by finding evidence for my beliefs, ideas, and experience of the world around me. They may often find themselves feeling stuck or working to fix themselves or those around them.

A Growth Mindset: seeks to find new information or possibilities that may be as true or more true than what one currently believes and knows as truth. Rather than filtering information and data as “Right or Wrong”, one simply lives in the possibility of other perspectives, ways of being, or truths being available that might even enhance the belief or life view and perspective one has as they continue their journey through life and the world around them.

Growth doesn’t mean finding fault in what I know or believe, rather it’s a willingness to ask tough questions, embrace the discomfort that comes with opposing ideas or beliefs, and wrestle with WHAT makes an idea “right” or “wrong”.

It is making Curiosity an ally versus simply filtering what I read, see and experience through my default belief system that limits my ability to remain neutral and gain a greater perspective and understanding of others and the world around me.

Yes, it’s a constant Battle that at times may feel like there’s a WAR being waged inside your heart and mind.

Growth isn’t for the faint of heart.

It’s messy, it’s prickly on the edges, it’s difficult and YET…
It’s the path to overcoming the very things that are keeping you STUCK in life.
What patterns in your life do you wish you could break free from?

Shifting perspectives is simply the invitation to practicing critical thinking, to step into your own journey of transformation and building self-awareness, the invitation to gain a better understanding of what’s causing your suffering, pain, anxiety, overwhelm, fear, confusion, isolation, sadness, anger, and disappointment.

It’s like climbing up the stairs, gaining altitude, understanding, and a better view!

A Growth Mindset with Curiosity gives discernment when facing fear and overwhelm.

They invite you to a higher level of self-awareness in order to understand their contribution and impact on the world. They shed light on judgments and beliefs that derail you from experiencing your greatest desires.

For years I lived in the battlegrounds of a fixed mindset. I lived in a narrative story of what was causing my pain, positioning myself in my rightness, blind to the truth that was right in front of me.

Maybe you’re just noticing you’ve been operating asleep at the wheel of life, and living in default isn’t working so well for you!

A Growth Mindset has given me a greater understanding of how my subconscious beliefs and judgments were operating me and the opportunity to discover new truths that have to lead me to dreams being realized, intimacy in relationships, abundant peace, confidence, freedom, and joy.

This isn’t about digging up the graveyard of your past but looking to what it is your heart desires and yet can’t seem to attain!

It’s creating clear intentions and stepping into powerful conversations, one week at a time.

Are you ready to embark on your own Journey of Transforming your Life?

Ready to dig in and find your life’s purpose, with clarity and intention?

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This could be the beginning of your NEW future!

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