The Lessons in an Accidental Time Share

by tessamarie

A free breakfast AND a package of massages and adventures of choice too? I mean, it’s too good to be true (or so I thought…)

I get it, right now you’re prolly thinking, , “girl you’re crazy!”… Let me back up a second…

It was 2012, I was nearly 3 years into marriage, my husband and I were both working 70+ hour weeks with no time off (Welcome to entrepreneurship)! It had become our norm, what wasn’t as obvious was the toll it was taking on my mental health and our marriage.

So when we were gifted a weeks vacation in Cabo and decided to make it happen!

“The closer” came in, she was super nice and my husband was sold… I wasn’t quite there yet so we excused ourselves and went outside to chat…

I agreed to a number that felt pretty unrealistic, like there’s no way they’ll agree to this price, and we went back inside. 

“Here’s what we’re willing to pay… and to my shock, moment of horror and surprise it was a done deal. 

Holy crap” what have I just done!? So much for that free breakfast and camel ride! 

-immediate thoughts in my mind

In the moment I wanted to panic and felt a bit nauseous and yet…

Over the years it’s taught us how to vacation.

We’ve learned to set boundaries and unplug.

I’ve seen the positive impact REST has on my body & relationships.

A week to dream, tune into my heart & restore my soul.

I’m not here to recommend or suggest you buying a timeshare… yet what if made a commitment to taking an annual trip away. 

What if those temporary, “throw up moments” 
were life’s greatest blessings in disguise?

It doesn’t have to look any particular way or be any certain length of time

and yet…

What could a commitment to take time away 
BRING to you in YOUR life?

What’s the long term cost of not making REST a priority? Believing that, “vacation” is simply a luxury.

What’s one thing you can do today to be one step closer to making time away your own personal reality?

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