by tessamarie

YOUR Power

Broken by the inner turmoil only you see and FEEL?
Ready to Break Through?

“Tessa has a way of holding a space free of judgement and filled with grace.
She’s courageous in speaking truth and shining light in a place that once darkness held.
In a single conversation I was moved to tears and left with hope and a new perspective.”

Virtual Coaching

From the comfort of your office or house.

Weekly virtual meetings with me, weekly accountability to making the progress you wish to see in you life.

This smile
is a testament to my own
Transformation Journey.

I’m here to shine a light on what’s kept you stuck and guide you towards the future you long for!

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“Since working with Tessa I have experienced less stress, conflict and enjoyed having more time in my days.
Tessa is very patient and encouraging.
She listens intently with great care and constantly pours into me.”
Tessa is a miracle worker!
For years and years I was repeating the same patterns, longing for a different outcome but unable to see what kept me recycling past situations.
The space she created was completely free of judgement which made it easy to dive deep into the unknown and come out the other side with a new perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transformational Coaching places emphasis on the present and its relationship to your future.

We transform our lives and do what we genuinely care about, or we get stuck settling for a slight improvement of the past.

As your coach, I’m a mentor and your accountability partner in one. I will hold space for you to see possibilities and teach tools for re-framing perspectives and internal conversations so that you’ll move ahead rather than get caught in repeating patterns and mistakes of the past.

I sit in powerful conversations on the phone with clients each week as they work towards bringing about their dreams and desires.

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I love coaching women who have an inner desire for MORE in their lives. Wives, sisters, mothers, and daughters.
Women who may identify with being overwhelmed, burned out, unhappy in life or their marriage, tired of working around their perfectionistic habits, anxiety, worry, isolation, and fear. Battling mom shame, overflowing plates, or those who run on empty because they give to everyone else and not themselves.

Ready to Break Free of the frustration, pain, and suffering you feel alone and isolated in?

You can still transform your relationships and your life to create the future your heart longs to have! There IS another way!

After years of self-help books and working with various counselors, I was at the end of me- deciding if I would settle for the misery and internal turmoil I felt or choose to leave (my marriage) and start again. 

I’m thankful that during that time, a friend asked me a question and introduced me to her coach.

While working with my coach, I began to understand WHY trying to “fix” and “better” my brokenness wasn’t working, and that I had a choice for something new.

I found relief in that I wasn’t bad, broken, or wrong, and life just was. For me, that was empowering. If I created my current reality through choices I’d made, then I could also learn to choose to create what I truly desired to have.

It’s created such an impact on my life that two years ago, I went through the training to become a certified coach and am encouraged by each client who allows me to stand with them to create the life their heart desires.

As a coach, I believe life “just is”. I remove the filter of “right and wrong”, while engaging choice and personal contributions. If it wasn’t by accident that you’ve arrived where you are, would you like to know HOW you got here? Coaching is FUTURE based and how that impacts and relates to the present moment and choice to be made.

There are countless methods and types of counselors out there, just as there are coaches. In my experience, counseling was more based on working to understand past events and occurrences so that I could fix myself or the circumstance/person so that I could have what I wanted.

I believe it’s vital for each person to find a method and person (coach or counselor) that works for them. If you’re seeing someone and you’re not experiencing results, then you may consider looking for another method or person in your journey!

The good news is, coaching is over the phone- so you won’t waste commuting to an office!
Time is our most valuable asset because it comes in a finite amount. Can you afford NOT to take action? In a year from now, will you be satisfied being exactly where you find yourself now?

What if you could see where time is being spent or even wasted (outside of your awareness). Suddenly you’d feel as though you have MORE time.

Yes, this is one gift of the Transformational Work.

One Day or Day One

You Decide