Transforming Your Mind

by tessamarie

In order to find peace in the world and with others, first I must find peace within myself. 

A TRANSFORMED MIND is more than repeating positive affirmations and manifesting your dreams. More than a feeling.

It’s not something you awake one morning and achieve, rather it’s healing, acceptance, rewriting old beliefs, breaking free of shame and experiencing grace.

Negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, shame and guilt; don’t just “go away”. 

They are a piece of the human experience. It’s natural and normal as long as you’re human, and yet, you can turn the volume down. 

You can choose to no longer give those negative voices the mic.

Transforming is growth. It’s a journey that has no end.

A commitment to continue to show up. 

To lean in. 

To be BETTER rather than BITTER. 

To FIND A WAY rather than quit and MAKE an EXCUSE.

To face FEAR and UNCERTAINTY and know COURAGE will comes with action.

Healing, peace, contentment, joy, redemption, grace, reconciliation are possible, not only that they are waiting for you.

Are you open to Change?
Are positive Affirmations only getting you so far?

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