Embracing Uncertainty

by tessamarie

What if I told you, “Embracing Uncertainty is the path needed to move FORWARD? Have you ever considered that Change is the only guarantee we have in this life?

If you believe COVID19 has suddenly brought a new “level” of Uncertainty to your life as you knew it.

Would you consider this:

Today when your alarm went off you faced a day, filled with the same amount of uncertainty as you did a month ago. No more, no less.

You might be thinking, umm, I’m sorry but that’s wrong. You obviously don’t understand my life!?

While I don’t know the exact details of your routine, your family schedule or the demands you face at work, I believe that the amount of uncertainty in life remains unchanged. 

You might be asking, Ok, so WHAT did Change, cuz I sure do FEEL different!? 

The routines we found comfort in. The scheduling that gave us a sense of predictability and control.

Consistency. Our consistent routines as we knew them dramatically came to a screeching halt. The busy we had created and come to know, count on, and find comfort in. Vanished.

Naturally, as humans, we feel more certain and in control when we can align our lives with routine and schedules. It’s then we convince ourselves we KNOW what’s coming.

And yet, IS it true that WE KNOW what’s coming??

Have schedules and routines ever guaranteed us our tomorrow?

So what HAS happened is this: 

In all of this what you’re left with are feelings of uncertainty, fear, overwhelm frustration, anger, impatience, and certain chaos.

It introduced discomfort into every person’s life around the planet all in a few weeks time. Impressive right?

In this experience, this HISTORY that we are living right now, I’ve realized I have lived under how unrealistic and true the belief I’ve lived under has been. The belief that if I’ve scheduled or made plans for something then it’s bound to happen, that there’s a seance of guarantee in it. I’ve learned that I find comfort and confidence in routines and my ability to “know” what’s on my schedule for the week ahead. Yet, when I really stop to think about my certainty in this, it seems pretty ludicrous. Can you relate?

Just ask someone who has been recently diagnosed with cancer, or someone who suddenly fell ill to a heart attack. There is no guarantee to life, while we know that we’ve constructed our lives in a way to nearly avoid facing the reality of what we know. 

So what if we’ve simply been giving ourselves a false sense of control and certainty. 


When COVID came along.. we may have FELT as though it brought ALL THIS un-welcomed uncertainty into our lives and yet I would love to challenge that idea and say this. 

COVID didn’t bring extra uncertainty- it woke us up from our sleep. It simply lifted the veil of self-deception in our lives and caused us to realize just how little control or certainty we have in life while at the same time getting to face the reality of our own mortality… and in true pandemic style, it’s literally awoken every person on planet earth by throwing them into this new state of “uncertain chaos”.

Think about how many times you thought or felt, “If only I had more time” or “I just wish our schedules weren’t so busy”, or even “what I wouldn’t give to have my entire family around the dinner table.”

Then poof a genie granted your wish and we’re over here in the corner still upset over it all.

Welcome to life!

So, yes it’s uncomfortable, and yet if the uncertainty of life remains unchanged what are you going to do with what you DO have in THIS present MOMENT?

The Gift of Time

  • TIME to chase dreams that you’ve put on hold.
  • TIME to spend with your kids home from college or months away from moving onto the next chapter of their lives.
  • TIME to spend together in conversations, sharing meals, or enjoying game nights.
  • TIME to ______

The possibilities are endless. There’s so much growth and potential waiting for you here, right now. You’ll either step into the challenge or spend all your time and energy resisting and wishing for it to change… and then one day you may look back and simply go back to the simplicity and beauty that was the infamous time of COVID19!

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