Wellness as a Choice

by tessamarie

A Conversation around Health and Wellness

Some of you may know, my journey over the last few years also involved overhauling my health. As the stress and tension in my body grew my physical health started to decline quite quickly.

I went to my primary physician and everything checked out “to be fine”, yet I knew I didn’t FEEL fine.

This sent me on a journey to reclaim my health as I experienced how chronic pain, digestive issues, cognitive and fine motor skill decline, and hormone instability can wreak havoc on daily life!

Once I identified the source of the inflammation in my body I got to choose to heal from the inside out rather than simply seeking to treat symptoms. I’ve experienced first hand the impact of what we put INTO our bodies can have and it’s caused me to continue learning, to continue asking questions, and seeking out ways I can strengthen my overall wellness and health rather than wait until I’m sick and figure it out then.

As I continue to stay committed to my own healing journey, I wanted to share health insights from some of the health professionals I respect and admire the most.

How to Find our Featured Guests

Dr. Dodd with Your Pharmacy Advocate
Caitlin with True Food and Wellness
Dr. Regis with Transformation Wellness Team
Melissa with Destination Wellness and Massage

During the Month of June

I’ll be doing Facebook Live conversations on various topics, all related to Heath and Wellness.

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Check out the Re-Play of these conversations below:

Choosing Health in Uncertain Times

Boosting Immunity & Healing Chronic Illness

Learn More about working with Dr. Dodd:

Learn about Empowering your Health and find your own Pharmacy Advocate
Empowering Dreams and lives through her magazine Pharma Sis


Learn More about working with Caitlin:

Looking for health answers that you can’t seem to find?
Chronic symptoms are often feedback for deeper problems.
How inflammation and stress counteract our immune systems.
Why muscle testing works and more.

Connect with Caitlin here: True Food and Wellness

Myths and Misperceptions of Chiropractic Care

Here are the additional materials mentioned during my chat with Dr. Regis: 

The Autonomic Nervous system: How the organs are linked to neurons in the spine.
Anti-Inflammatory Diet Suggestions
Immune Function & Chiropractic care 
what does the evidence provide?


Massage Self-Care & Wellbeing

How to Connect or schedule an appointment with Melissa:

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Gardening as Therapy

Liana with Maycomb Co joined us to discuss Getting Started with Gardening and the Hidden Benefits of working in your garden!

You’ll discover: Gardening zone and how to use this as you plan what you’d like to plant! When to plant what- according to your zone and the time needed for yields. What Companion Planting is.

She does in-person and virtual garden consults and can work with any level of experience grower!