When Dissapointment Strikes

by tessamarie



sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations.

to dishonor the appointment. 

“It really is paradoxical, but becoming angry or shut down is not an expression of disappointment, but an avoidance of feeling it.”

-Dr. Mark Goulston

Disappointment Kills Us from the Inside Out

I think of the times that disappointment hasn’t yet struck, a promise has yet to be broken, and in my anticipation of what I think is going to happen (broken promise resulting in disappointment)- my emotions run wild. I immediately begin living out of FEAR. I start working to prevent what I fear from happening, only to find myself amid another letdown- feeling discouraged, disappointed, and the shame of failing again.

Can anyone relate? 

navigating disappointment

Living on Auto-Pilot

If only I could count the countless times I’ve seen this manifest in my life!

Before raising my self-awareness and healing my hurts, I was at the throws of life. Life happened TO me. Overwhelmed, overcommitted, and crushed in the moments and life events of colliding waves.

I was running from my past, trying to break free, and while having small victories, I was also living a pretty bleak reality with a nearly broken spirit and crushed heart.

Feeling frustrated, bitter, angry, confused, defeated, facing massive disappointments and feelings of betrayal, I felt lost and utterly defeated. This lead to me hitting my breaking point and looking for a new way.

Living from a place of survival and bracing for the next wave of storms is exhausting and debilitating.

Have you ever been there? Maybe you’re even there now.

Can I assure you that you’re not alone?

What I’ve learned is life on Auto-Pilot is, as a human being, a place of comfort- but it doesn’t have to be where I stay.

Creating a New Future

Working with a coach allows you to begin a journey of breaking new ground!

  • I was living towards where I wanted to GO rather than what I was running FROM.
  • I replaced Fear and Anxiety with Truth, Confidence, and Peace
  • I felt empowered by being back in the DRIVER SEAT of life rather than being DRIVEN by LIFE.
  • I began to shatter life long shame cycles and find new possibilities in areas where Fear kept me from seeing any before.

If any of these words resonated with you, or you’re in a place of feeling overwhelmed, stuck, disappointed, and ready to discover a new way- I’d love to connect!

Each week I stand in powerful conversations with women from all over the country as they experience their own realizations, see new possibilities, and experience their own breakthroughs.

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